An integrated tool for Sales, Marketing, Customer  Service & Operation that helps your business grow.

What is Roboket?

Roboket, is a sales, marketing, customer service and operation software that helps your business grow. Leverage the insightful data with advanced intelligence.

From, Marketing leads to CRM to Sales tracking. Roboket helps to give data driven journey flows to identify, engage, and accelerate your best opportunities. Roboket is automated marketing platform that helps you connect with right customers, excellent customer service, and turn them into loyal customers.

Why Choose Us?

1. All-in-one solution software
2. Tools that connect and play nicely together
3. Leveraging data to create personalized customer experiences
4. Tool that put Strategy first, technology second
5. A powerful tool that will give you deeper insight into sales, marketing, & customer service
6. Easily manageable and scalable to ensure the best use of automation

Key Features of Roboket

Roboket is a dependable tool that manages Sales, Marketing, Customer service and Operation consistently.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM software has made customer management easier and less time-consuming. Businesses track and manage customer interactions, and record every interaction.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing with Roboket is built on such a advanced platform that your emails will always pack with powerful and insightful customer data.

3. Deal management

Roboket’s deal management helps to visible your sales pipelines through a single dashboard. You can identify deal progress to prioritize deals based on which appear to be closest to conversion.

4. Ticketing system

Keep a better record, organize, and track all of your customers’ issues in one dashboard which is accessible to your customer support team.

5. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

This feature helps determine how many contacts, deals, meeting, and the level of engagement at specific, targeted companies are within your database. You can also identify if you are engaging or missing any key customers.

6. Lead Generation

Lead generation is about getting to know your visitors. Learning more about your customer through forms, relevant emails, and even start a conversation using live chat.
“Their ticketing system is now super organized with some advance ticket managing features.”
Mark B. Marchant
Project Manager
“I just checked the free features of Roboket. WELL DONE guys!!! A great platform for digital marketers to manage their tasks.”
Jimmie Diaz
Head of Development